Graduate Laboratories
  Spatial Economics Lab
Professor : Kim, Euijune
Phone : 02-880-4749     Location : Room #8222 Bd. #200
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○ Introduction of Spatial Economics Lab

Spatial Economics Lab studies regional development, economic policy, social overhead capital SOC, real estate policies and effects of regional integration and dispersion. The lab develops diverse economic methodologies such as Input-Output analysis, Computable General Equilibrium CGE model, cost-benefit analysis, meta-analysis, integration model between transportation policy and regional economies and so on. Likewise, various regional issues are researched by scientific analytical and academic approaches. For example, it is to analyze effects of investing social overhead capital and spatial ripple effects of investments.

○ Research Areas

- Development of analytical model of cities and regional economy: CGE, SAM etc.
- Micro and macro economics analysis of spatial policies
- Regional disparity and economic growth
- Economy of SOC and infrastructure
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