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  Regional Development Lab
Professor : Lee, Seong Woo
Phone : 02-880-4745     Location : Room #8221, Bd. #200
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○ Introduction of Regional Development Lab
In Regional Development lab, we do research on regional development both on the theoretical and the empirical side. Since a characteristic of a region varies with time and social environment, we try to figure out new features and functions of region and build up thoeries in a planner's view. On these theoretical basis, we focuses on applied problems and public policies in regional development and aim to propose desirable alternatives and suggestions. Our issues are ranging from spatial econometric analysis of urban problems to regional inequality, housing and homeownership, plural functions of the rural community and many other regional issues of our societies.

○ Research Areas
-Regional development and planning: national land planning, agriculture and fishery development program, etc.
-Cause and result of regional inequality: Urban-rural divide, metropolitan-peripheral area inequality, etc.
-Socio-demographiy: population and residential mobility, migration, homeownership and housing, informatiziation, crime, etc.
-Spatial econometrics: logit/probit model, discrete choice model, spatial econometric model, etc.
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