Graduate Laboratories
  Agricultural Information System Lab
Professor : Choe, Young chan
Phone : 02-880-4747     Location : Room #8201, Bd. #200
Homepage : +82 2 880 4747

○ Introduction of Agricultural Information System Lab
Agricultural information system is becoming a way to improve operation efficiency due to recent changes in farming environment-increasing agriculture corporations, in creasing needs for traceability because of issues of food afety, and increasing info rmation delivered electronically in the field of agriculture circulation. Agricultural Information system Lab, with a vision of proper support for agriculture business through information technology, has been conducting many projects related to the vision since 1994.

○ Research area
-IT policy making for the regional society and agriculture industrial management.
-Development and supply of information system for agriculture industrial management
-Research of management innovation effect by IT use
-The algorithm development for a business analysis and prediction
-Solution development and supply innovation for agri-business electronic commerce.
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